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Steico Joist FSC

The Steico Joist girders with flanges are suitable for roof constructions, grating and replacing concrete wedges in brickwork.

Steico Joist is composed of solid wood flanges with an 8-mm partition in hard wood fibre board in between. The whole is FSC-labelled and the glue use is minimal.

The I-girder is a well-thought-out profile in which mass is only provided in the places it is the most useful. This shape and the optimal production conditions save up to 2/3 of the wood compared to the use of solid wood!

In addition, the Joist offers the following technical and economic benefits:

  • Low weight: easy to install
  • High resistance and stability: large span and high stress possible
  • Thin partition: reduction of cold bridges
  • Smooth penetration of partition possible: easy integration of pipes
  • Height Joist up to 400 mm: allows great insulation thicknesses

Steico Joist also exists in a pre-insulated version with wood fibre insulation between the flanges.

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