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Masterflex consists of a layer of real wood, veneer, glued to a paper substrate.

However, masterflex is more than just veneer. Thanks to a special treatment, with the aim of breaking the cohesion of the fibres, the wood loses all stiffness and can now assume any round shape you wish. Moreover, the paper back forms a perfect shield between the finishing products and the glue.

Masterflex is made in the default dimensions and in the “decoration” quality. As a result, you no longer have to worry about finding a super veneer or jointing it under uncertain circumstances: all this work has already been done in a professional way.


Of course, the most obvious application of masterflex is the one for the round or rounded materials. New application opportunities are handed to interior designers on a silver platter, allowing them to let their creativity run freely.

Flat surfaces

At first, this may seem a superfluous luxury, but in many situations, masterflex will be considered the “miracle cure” in renovation works, repairs in furniture factories or while repairing furniture parts that were damaged during transport. From now on, you no longer have to disassemble the parts, saving you a lot of costs and inconvenience. Now, you simply cut a piece of masterflex in the right size, glue it and finish it professionally and the job is done.

Wall panels or panelling

Wall panels often consist of an inner panel, which is fitted into a solid wooden frame or glued onto an underlying panel. In both cases, the original construction structure can now be preserved, ensuring continuity of all parts in the relief of the wall panels.

Interior decoration

Management offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, boats, caravans, and so on will find an ally in masterflex. From now on, it will be possible to compose the entire room in one décor, both for flat and rounded parts.

Wall panels or panelling

Places that are difficult to reach, or even easier that need a touch-up are even more suitable for masterflex. From now on, it will be possible to renew the layout of a room, preserving the original framework. Just apply masterflex to the exiting surface and that’s it. Many other applications are possible and conceivable.

We have the following wood species in stock.

# 250 x 122 305 x 122
Masterflex afrormosia  
Masterflex beech steamed  
Masterflex beech white  
Masterflex oak dos
Masterflex oak quarter
Masterflex ash  
Masterflex iroko  
Masterflex cherry 
Masterflex cherry quarter  
Masterflex maple  
Masterflex walnut am. dos/quarter  
Masterflex Oregon  
Masterflex sycamore  
Masterflex teak  
Masterflex teak quarter  
Masterflex wenge dos  
Masterflex wenge quarter