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Steico LVL

Steico LVL, consisting of lamellar (parallel) veneer layers, is suitable as a support beam, secondary beam or lintel.

Steico LVL is the perfect solution for heavily stressed, bearing structures in renovations or new construction due to its firmness and dimension stability. It is manufactured through a state-of-the-art production process. Steico LVL R complies with the European product standard EN 14374 and is CE certified.

Steico LVL is FSC-labelled. Moreover, wood consumption is limited. After all, the favourable mechanical properties allow working with slimmer profiles, which also results in cost savings.

In Steico LVL, the fibre of all veneer layers runs in the same longitudinal direction (lamellar). This allows Steico LVL to offer outstanding features in structures that require a wide span and minimum deflection such as beams, girders, lintels and gratings.

The main benefits al together:

  • Great supporting capacity, large span width
  • Slim sections, low weight
  • Available in high dimensions
  • Limited deformations, absence of settling
  • Very limited shrinkage and swelling when changing the moisture content
  • Easy application of various connection techniques
  • Remarkably economical wood consumption

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