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We can offer you FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) wood and panels.

FSC® is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes responsible forest management all over the world.

FSC® was founded by a large, diverse group of representatives from the economic, industrial, social as well as the environmental sectors: forest owners, foresters, wood importers, traders, manufacturers, organisation that defend the interests of indigenous peoples, community forestry groups, environmental organizations, forestry products certifiers, etc.

As an umbrella organization, FSC® has laid down 10 basic principles that must be observed by sustainable forest management. For each country or region, FSC® working groups are set up (with, of course, a proportional distribution of economic, social and ecological representatives), who transform these basic principles into very specific criteria, adapted to the local forest types with a professional approach to economic, social and ecological factors.

Wood and fibre products, coming from certified forest, can then carry the FSC® trademark. This allows anyone to recognize these products as coming from guaranteed sustainable managed forests.

In order to ensure credibility, there is a system of Chain of Custody (CoC). Any company that participates in the production process must have been certified in accordance with the FSC® regulations. This way, it is possible to trace each wood product back to the forest.

FSC® is available for various applications. Feel free to contact us to find out more about the possibilities.

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Chain of Custody (CoC)