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Magnetic floor

From now on we can also offer vinyl floors.
These floors consist of two elements:

  • Subfloor (0.5 mm) in which metal particles are incorporated. This subfloor can be laid loose on an existing surface such as tiles, parquet or laminate, without glue.
  • Vinyl planks (3 mm) with a magnetic back.

The combination of both ensures that the floor can be installed quickly. By working with magnets, an already installed floor can also easily be removed and replaced by a new top layer.


  • Quick and easy installation, without the use of glue
  • Replacing damaged planks can be done very quickly
  • After installation you can immediately walk on the floor
  • Suitable for laying on top of existing floors
  • Absorbs sound
  • Low installation costs
  • Warm and shock resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Short closing time of the building during the installation of the floor
  • Can be used in various places such as shops, hotels, sports halls, spas, shopping centers, supermarkets, hospitals ...

Available in the following colors: French Oak, Grey Cloud, Medium Walnut, Oak, Old Copper, Old Iroko, Old Larch, Pickled Oak, Whitened Fir, Zinc