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Houthandel Vercruysse

Construction wood, smaller boards, insulation, cladding
  • Monday - Thursday: 7u30 - 12u00 / 13u00 - 18u00
  • Friday: 7u30 - 12u00 / 13u00 - 17u00
  • Saterday: 8u00 - 12u00

Solid wood warehouse

European and tropical wood species, scaffolding wood, barnwood, bigger panels
  • Monday - Thursday: 9u00 - 12u00 / 13u30 - 17u00
  • Friday: 9u00 - 12u00 / 13u30 - 16u30
  • Saterday: Closed

Special woods department

Veneer, rare wood species, table tops, decorative wood pieces
  • Wednesday: 8u00 - 12u00 / 13u00 - 16u30